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Car Batteries

Electrical Fault Finding tools
Horton Car Care specialises in auto electrical diagnostics and fault finding. Our technicians are not only experienced mechanics but also have the training and qualifications to diagnose any auto electrical fault your vehicle may be experiencing.

We also have a considerable amount of diagnostic equipment at hand. This gives us the ability to have a complete understanding of your vehicle's electrical system, helping us to be efficient and effective at diagnosing any electrical fault.


Starter Motors

If your car is having starter motor trouble, why not call us and book it in. We have the expertise and the facilities to service or even replace your starter motor (if required).
We can supply a vast range of starter motors manufactured by all leading companies including Bosch and Lucas to name but a few.
For more information or to book your vehicle in with us, please contact us.


We can supply a wide range of batteries manufactured by all leading companies. 


At Horton Car Care, we have the technology to diagnose alternator problems. We can perform load tests and obtain voltage readings, which will help us determine any problems your alternator may be struggling with.



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