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A bad smell when you turn on your vehicle's air con






Bad smells are commonly caused by the build up of fungus bacteria in your car's ventilation system. These bacteria thrive in the warm moist conditions created by your car's heating system.

If you scour the Internet, you will find a whole range of home remedies that profess to being able to eradicate bad odours coming from your car's air con system, however, we find a professional treatment to be quicker and more effective at removing bad smells by empowering the use of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents to kill the build up in your car's air con system. It also leaves your car smelling rather nice as opposed to smelling like vinegar and other things if you choose to use some of these home remedies!

Horton Car Care have a range of professional treatments available that will combat the problem of smelly air con systems. Particularly bad smelling systems will need more than one treatment over the course of a few days. For more information about ventilation system smells, give us a call.




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