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Tyre and Wheel Balancing   Exhaust Systems


Wheel Alignment

Tyre and Wheel Balancing
Horton Car Care can supply and fit a wide range of well known tyres including Good Year, Continental and Michelin as well as many others. We can also provide you with a low cost budget tyre if you require. 

Our tyre service comes complete with wheel balancing and valve replacement, which will help your tyres to maintain tyre pressure.


Exhaust Systems

We also supply and fit exhaust systems. We have access to a massive range of exhausts for most makes and model of car.
Keeping your exhaust system healthy not only helps your car's engine run smoother and more efficiently, but keeps the occupants of your car free from toxic fumes. 
Not only that, but with more and more vehicles on the road today, it is important to do your bit and help keep pollution down by making sure that your catalytic converter is working efficiently and is in tip top condition.

Wheel Alignment

Incorrectly aligned wheels result in rapid irregular tyre wear and even affects the handling and safety of your car.

Your vehicle's wheel alignment can be affected by badly worn steering and suspension components or by wheel impacts such as hitting a kerb and running over potholes in the road. Good wheel Alignment will not only extend the life of your tyres but will assure a smoother ride.

Why not book your car in for complete wheel alignment.



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