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MOT Repair Work

Horton Car Care is a very proud to offer its customers a 68 point check quality vehicle service. Below is a complete list of the checks that you car will go through when we service your car. We use nothing but the best quality lubricants, oils and filters.
We will stamp your service book too, to ensure your vehicle’s service history is maintained.

  1. Check Brake Servo
  2. Check Brake Servo Hoses and Valves
  3. Check Foot Brake Travel
  4. Check and Adjust Handbrake Travel
  5. Check Seatbelts and Mountings
  6. Check ABS Warning System
  7. Check Instruments
  8. Check Instrument Illumination
  9. Check Switches and Controls
  10. Check Heater Blower
  11. Check Horn
  12. Check Interior Lamps
  13. Check Wiper Blades
  14. Check and Fill Front Screen Wash
  15. Check Rear Wiper Blade
  16. Check and Fill Rear Screen Wash
  17. Check Direction Indicators and Hazards
  18. Check Fog / Brake / Reverse Lights
  19. Check Headlight Levelling System
  20. Check Headlights
  21. Check Engine Oil Leaks
  22. Drain and Replace Engine Oil
  23. Replace Engine Oil Filter
  24. Check Clutch Hydraulic System
  25. Check and Adjust Clutch Clearance
  26. Check Gearbox Oil Leaks
  27. Check Auto Transmission Oil Leaks
  28. Check Transfer Box Oil Leaks
  29. Check Steering Joints
  30. Check Steering Rack/Box
  31. Check PAS Hoses
  32. Check Steering Column Couplings
  33. Check Suspension Joints/Seals/Gaiters
  34. Check Drive Shaft Joints/Seals/Gaiters
  35. Check Rear Differential Oil Leaks
  36. Check Road Springs
  37. Check Shock Absorbers/Mountings
  38. Check Exhaust System/Mountings
  39. Check Brake Pipe Corrosion
  1. Check Fuel System Leakage
  2. Check Underbody Condition/Sealant
  3. Check Front Wheel Barings
  4. Remove and Refit Road Wheels
  5. Check and Copper Grease Front Brake Pads
  6. Check Front Brake Discs
  7. Check and Copper Grease Rear Brake Pads
  8. Check Rear Brake Discs
  9. Check Brake Linings through Inspection Hole
  10. Check Handbrake Cables/Linkages
  11. Check Brake Hydraulic System
  12. Check Tyre Condition
  13. Check and Adjust Tyre Pressure
  14. Clean and Re-Grease Battery Terminals
  15. Check and Top-up Battery Electrolyte Levels
  16. Check Under Bonnet Wiring/Connections
  17. Check and Top-up  Washer Bottle(s)
  18. Check and Top-up  Brake Fluid Reservoir
  19. Check and Top-up  Power Steering Fluid
  20. Check and Top-up  Coolant Level / Anti-Freeze Strength
  21. Check Cooling System Hoses
  22. Check Cooling System
  23. Check and Top-up Auto Transmission Level
  24. Renew Pollen Filter, if fitted
  25. Check and Adjust Auxiliary Drive Belts
  26. Renew Spark Plugs
  27. Reset Service Interval Indicator
  28. Check and Lubricate Vehicle Locks and Hinges
  29. Check and Tighten Wheel Nuts/Bolts

MOT Repair Work in Northampton

Has your vehicle just failed its MOT? Or has it had several advisory notifications that should be repaired? If so, why not let Horton Care Care take care of your MOT repair work?

We will ensure that your car sails through its MOT retest and that any advisories you have are addressed and fixed.

For customers that do not have the time to take their car for an MOT at an MOT testing station, we offer a service to take the hassle out of MOT'ing your vehicle. We can collect your car, then take it for its MOT. We will then complete any work that is required and then take it back for a retest. Once your car has passed its MOT, we can then return your vehicle - right to your door!

For more information, why not call us today!



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